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Corporate law

We have the capacity and experience to advise your company during all stages of business activity, from the simplest aspects of corporate law to mergers and acquisitions.

Labor law

We advise your company to develop a labor strategy that protects it from legal contingencies and generates an adequate work environment.

Intellectual Property

We register your brand, trade name or patent and advise you to comprehensively protect your property.

Tax Law

We generate tax strategies that allow you to have adequate tax planning in the structure of any transaction.

Real Estate Law

We are prepared to advise on the development of an infrastructure or real estate project or the purchase of your next home.

Regulated Industries

We can advise companies that operate within regulated law, such as energy, food and beverages, and health.

Conflict Resolution

Our lawyers specialized in the matter have tools to resolve conflicts, both extrajudicially and judicially.

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